PREMIERE May 4th 2018 in Basel

To “Step off” is to come down. With Step off, we invite artists to come down from the stage and to use the whole magical setting of the Elisabethen church.

No stage. No dance floor. No separation between audience and artists. This model of immersive performance, that we have been presenting for the last two years, allows the public to move freely around the dancers and musicians, breathe with them and experiment a show like never before.

For the first edition of Step off, DFW – Catherine Habasque invited the young multi-talented Korean choreographer Jae Duk Kim to create a 360° dance piece for DFW. We are delighted to introduce the work of Jae Duk Kim in Switzerland for the very first time.

Accompanied be a mystical musical piece of his composition contrasting with the physicality of his choreographic vocabulary, Jae Duk Kim’s “Ha-ki” is preceded by “In her head”, a creation from Catherine Habasque about time with music from Bach and exhilarating jazz moments. An evening in which grace will lead you softly into the mysteries of the human mind.

… Also an evening around time…
Time that passes by for Catherine Habasque,
time as basic rhythm, a metronome for life for Jae Duk Kim.
Two visions brought together in a performance with a seamless weaving of both pieces.

Choreography: Catherine Habasque
With Tess Aarden (Young Elle), Dominique Cardito (Elle),
Catherine Habasque (Time), Kilian Haselbeck.

Choreography / Music: Jae Duk Kim
With: Dominique Cardito, Meret Schlegel, Sarah Schoch,
Olivia Streater, Kilian Haselbeck