2019 / Lesbos (Greece) – moria, biggest refugees camp in Europe

LESBOS – Moria, biggest refugees camp in Europe


In March 2019, Bettina Castaño (Flamenco), Catherine Habasque (Ballet and contemporary), Coskun Erdogan (Breakdancer), and Alexander Hartmann (Logistic) traveled to Lesbos to work with refugees of the biggest European camp, Moria.

The preparation of the work on the field was done in cooperation with One Happy Family & Yoga and sport for refugees.

Those intense days were captured by a team of the Swiss television in a program for SRF1, also bought by the Italian RSI.

The project in Moria will go on in 2020, and for the first time will involve not only dancers but also a Spanish Soprano, former student of the Schola Cantorum Brasiliense. A first step into the enlarged program of DFW.

The goal is to create in the long term, a performance that will give trust and pride to people going through one of the hardest period of their life.

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