Lesbos – March 2020 with One Happy Family (Delayed)

Lesbos 2019

Because kids cannot be kids everywhere, and freedom is not the rule,
Because being there doesn’t mean “not doing anything” and asking for a support from people who often don’t want you here, but mostly means waiting 3 hours 3 times a day for water and bread, a t shirt or a bed, expecting an answer, fighting for a meeting, dreaming of freedom even if it means finding it in a foreign country and leaving your heart in yours until you feel accepted, involved and secure,
Because emotions have to come out one way or another and the easy way is the most dangerous…
Because dance is talking without words and expressing the unspeakable in an explosion of freedom,
Because movement brings people together in a place which looks like the Babbel tower after God’s curse… …
DFW will be in Lesbos to work with refugees of the Moria camp in three weeks. Looking forward to start the work with Bettina Castaño-Sulzer, Coşkun Erdoğandan (B-Boy Tuff Kid) Alexander Hartmann
as well as sharing this moment with the Swiss TV team which will follow us there.