2020 / Philippines – Jhyickxie, support program for young talents



“End of May 2020, a young girl from the Philippines contacted me on FB. She told me she loved ballet but she was sad because she didn’t have a teacher. We started talking, she said she had been trying to learn Ballet online and I asked her to send me a video. When she did, it was impossible for me not to notice she had a real talent.

I decided to give her classes online but her internet connection was very bad so we decided I would send her videos of the exercises and she would learn the steps and send me a video back for corrections. I also asked friends of mine, beautiful dancers and teachers if they wanted to join, not only to be able to exchange and built together but also for our students to feel support from more professionals.

It became more and more obvious that beside her talent, she was also clever and passionate. As you can see on those videos, she has been working in all types of conditions…

In October I contacted Lisa Macuja Elizalde who was the first foreign soloist in Kirov and is now the Director of the Ballet Manila and the school of the company. She offers our young lady a scholarship and sleeping possibilities in Manila. I can’t thank her enough for her generosity and I am looking forward to follow our protegee in her new path to her dream. I know she will be in wonderful hands.

Catherine Habasque

PS: DFW will support her financially”


The text above was written in October 2020. Since then Jhyickxie has been growing in beauty and talent and is going on with her Dance training. She is also supported by So Dança, https://www.sodanca.com/ .

On Christmas Eve 2020, the Swiss TV showed a reportage about her story.