2017 / Philippines – Support to gifted children



During our work in the Philippines we noticed the special talent of a young girl in the center, whose great desire is to become a ballet dancer.

Holly has no family and has a dramatic story. With her 12 years she speaks English very well and has an impressive willpower, developed from her personal history. She is graceful and gifted. When she dances, her face radiates with joy.

We believe in her and decided to support her. Because we have realized our dream, we want to help her to realize hers.

At the moment, we are working together with the Caméléon association to organize ballet classes for the center, which will also benefit the other children. Later on, we will travel there to follow the progresses and the efficiency of the teacher’s work. Regular coaching by skype will also be provided.

Ballet classes in the Philippines are very expensive. Any financial help will be very welcome.