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The Art of Portraying

The Art
of Portraying

With Laurence Chaperon

What you are going to learn.

The art of portrait photography is not just about taking a picture, it’s about establishing a certain trust, a sense of well-being with your model in order to capture moments of truth, natural and almost intimate moments. Then comes the work of framing, lighting and edeting. You will learn the tricks and secrets that have allowed Laurence to photograph the most famous personalities.

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Dive into the fundamentals

iscover what all the best photographers can’t do without, explore, different cameras, software, lighting, studios and such more.


how to shoot

Shooting portrait is not only about techniques but also about instinct and confidence, learn to use your imagination and your originality. 


Glimpse into
a diverse culture

Open yourself to a rich and diverse culture of music, classical and folk dance, and colourful costumes


Travel in sound,
music & history

Go back in history where Khatak is rooted in ancient Indian temples, and meet the Khatakars telling stories from Indian mythology through expressive dance and music

Starting at $24/month

Explore the secrets of portrait photography

After 10 years of career as a professional dancer, she decided to follow her other passion, became a freelance photographer and moved to Berlin in 1999.

She focuses on high-quality portrait photography.

Her customers include German and international magazines. PR and advertising agencies.

She is one of the favorite portraitists of German politicians and artists.

She has been following Angela Merkel in most of her trips and campaigns since 2000 and created her official portraits in 2006, 2010, 2012, 2018.

In 2020 Balenciaga asked her to shoot the Summer 2020 World Advertising Campaign.

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