ELLE entre chien et loup

ELLE entre chien et loup


Premiere Nov. 2016

Entre chien et loup” – is a French expression (literal meaning, between dog and wolf). Entre chien et loup is the evening or dawn, the time of day when it is too dark to be able to differentiate between dog and wolf. The dog symbolizes the day since both can guide us; while the wolf is the symbol of the night, representing a threat, as well as nightmares and fear.

Elle – entre chien et loup” tells about the journey of a trauma victim towards resilience, and her complicated relation with her avatars on the path to healing.

An evening far from Pathos, an hour of poetry of forms and sounds.

After a trip to the Philippines in which three dancers worked with abused and disadvantaged children, four DfW artists choreographers – Bettina Castaño, Catherine Habasque, Sumitra Keshava, Olivia Streater – looked deep into themselves to offer a piece about inner strength and the power of resilience.

Featuring Flamenco, Indian and contemporary dance, EllE is a piece with variety and depth, a poetry of form and sound in which DfW goes on cooperating with artists from different fields.

Didier Puntos, composer and pianist, has worked with the Opera National du Rhin and in the Festival d’Aix en Provence. He is often to be seen in Switzerland, for example in the Opéra de Lausanne. We are very happy to share the stage with him for “EllE”.

Florin Biscu, photographer, offers us the poetry of one of his picture as a starting point of the production.

CONCEPT / DIRECTION: Catherine Habasque


Bettina Castaño; Catherine Habasque; Sumitra Keshava; Olivia Streater


SOUNDTRACK: Beethoven, D.Keshava, Niels Lanz, Scarlatti

PHOTO: Florin Biscu

IMAGES: Jean Painlevé „Le vampire“

VIDEO: TP Productions Basel