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The Rhythm of Africa

The Rhythm
of Africa

With Kato Brovin

What you are going to learn.

Kato brings his high energy and passion to African contemporary dance for beginners. Let him guide you in a contemporary interpretation of the beating heart of Africa. Use exuberant movements to express emotions and tell a story through the language of dance

Sarting at $24/month


Passion in African Contemporary Dance

Discover or deepen your knowledge of African Contemporary Dance and find freedom in it. The fluid dance movements and ecstatic rhythms will lead you to find joy and smile while dancing


your mood

It’s fun! Smile on the inside and show it on the outside while moving to these graceful yet energetic dance movements. Start your day with it. End your day with it. Do it with friends. It’s pure joy!


Feel the music.
Feel the vibe

Feel the upbeat tempo of African rhythms within you as you embrace these natural dance movements. Feel the energy!


your body

Improve your fitness & emotional well-being from African dance. Allow the natural movements to free yourself from chains and worries. Feel your day vanish!

Starting at $24/month

Uplift yourself in the rhythmic movements of African vibes

Kato Brovin is a dancer and choreographer who was born in Uganda. He was a mostly self-taught artist until he joined the professional world with institutions such as The Kampala Ballet and Modern Dance School, The Amakula Foundation, Bayimba Cultural Foundation as well as performing in numerous platforms such as Danceweek Uganda Festival, Dance Transmissions Festival, Bayimba International Festival of the Arts to mention a few.

Collaborations have also been part of Kato’s dance journey and working with different dance companies such as Keiga Dance Company, the Norwegian Government with the Makerere University, Mutumizi Dance Company, Uttah Konvictz Dance Company, New York University, among others.

Sharing knowledge has always been a big part of his life not just as a dancer but as a human being. Helping people overcome their challenges gives Kato purpose and he transfers this same philosophy to the arts. He has choreographed more than twenty-five dance pieces for school and also worked with the Kampala School of the Handicapped as well as deaf, acid survivors, albinos and blind people, which were all very enjoyable and fulfilling experiences.

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