THE MAGIC OF LIGHT With Juanjo Llorens Garcia

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Juanjo Llorens is one of the top rated lighting designers of performing arts in Spain and internationally.

His range of works covers the entire spectrum of performing arts from theatre to circus including dance, ópera, cabaret, events, live music and broadcast. Besides his Lighting designer career, he develops other activities as Technical Director and teacher.

The list of his awards is long and includes 3 Max Awards (The Spanish Oscars)

Founding member of the Academy of Performing Arts and member of the Lighting Authors Association(AAI)

Artes Escénicas Valencianas 2020 nominated Vigor Mortis

Max awards 2019 winner El curioso incidente del perro a medianoche

ADE (Asociación de directores de escena) awards 2018 winner Los Gondra

Artes Escénicas Valencianas awards 2018 winner Pí

Teatro Musical award 2018 winner La Familia Addams

Max awards 2017 nominated Hamlet

Teatro Musical awards 2016 winner Cabaret

Teatro Musical awards 2015 winner Excítame. El crimen de Leopold y LoebBroadwayWorld Spain 2015 winner Excítame. El crimen de Leopold y Loeb

BroadwayWorld Spain 2014 winner Aladín, un Musical Genial

Max awards 2013 winner De ratones y hombres

Max awards 2012 nominated Veraneantes