EINIGE TODSÜNDEN (A few deadly sins) | March & October 2017 | Direction and choreography: Catherine Habasque

EINIGE TODSÜNDEN (A few deadly sins)

Dance, Live music and Opera, Buffet and Wine

PREMIERE: March 2017

“The dance styles are very well blended and appear seamless. Sumitra Keshava keeps the Bharatanatyam portions very simple, understated and they blend with the rest of the choreography. There is an intelligent use of symbolism, the singing is brilliant, the expressions of the dancers are good and they manage to keep the intensity, timing and co-ordination in spite of the audience walking around them. Catherine Habasque proves her mettle as a choreographer. She takes a scandalous and sexually explicit story and presents it very aesthetically. Einige Todsünden plays at the Offene Kirche Elizabethen, Basel, on 1st October, at 7 p.m.

If you are looking for a different artistic experience, this one is definitely worth a watch.”

„A few deadly sins“ the different personalities of „Dangerous Liaisons“ become actors of a piece of which the deadly sins form is the red thread. They are illustrations of musical and dancing moments which appear like the successive sequences of a film.

While the audience wanders around under shining wigs between buffet, dancers and singer, this heterogenous community is being enclosed in a world à la Bunuel, whose insanity is hiding behind its normality.

Accompanied by the music of Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, P.Glass, Carl Orff and others, the piece paints by brush strokes the fascination of a century between church and sins.

A living pictures of more than 30 participants, a festival of the senses and aesthetics to which the spectator is invited like the guest of a private party.

Direction and choreography: Catherine Habasque

Costumes: Marie-Therese Jossen

Countertenor: Thomas Lichtenecker

Dancers: Dominique Cardito, Catherine Habasque, Meret Schlegel, Sarah Schoch, Olivia Streater, Cédric Anselme, Kilian Haselbeck

Musicians: Beatriz Blanco (Cello),  Florian Schäfer (Klavier, Arrangements)

More participants: Pilar Ferre and the In-Zeit-Sprung Tanztheaterprojekt

Quotes: „Quartett“ from Heiner Müller.

(Photo Ilario Musio)