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The Power of Elegance

The Power
of Elegance

By Catherine Habasque


Back pain relief & Posture | All levels




39 days or According to your schedule

Change your posture, change your life in 10 min/day

The elegance you admire in dancers is a result of their fully articulated limbs and back. But to get there, dancers have to go through the full process as well, and sometimes injuries make them go through it a second time. This happened to me and I had to recover with work and patience the perfect health and flexibility in which my back is now. It made me dive into the process and made me feel like helping others to do the same, adding to it the work on posture that makes dancers so recognisable….

Not only will the course strengthen your back, free you from pain and correct your computer posture, it will also give you the confidence to present yourself elegantly, change the way others look at you and pave your road to a success. 

By doing so you will as well directly help young underprivileged talents make their dream come true as 100% of your participation goes directly to Dancers For the World, the NGO I founded in 2015 which you can check here: https://dfw-ch.com/humanitarian/

    USD 39,99 – One time payment


your back & full body

Strengthening your muscles and solving your back problems will change your quality of life and support your way to personal and professional achievements and dreams.


Increase your flexibility

Supported by long and strong muscles and by the space that helps your body breathe, you will discover the harmony of movement that comes from an articulated body and enjoy a freedom you never felt before.


your presence

Presence is not only important on stage, but in any challenging situation in our daily life. Learning to present yourself confidently and elegantly will open doors you wish to cross.


Improve your quality of life

Learn the dancers tricks that will give you the confidence to carry yourself with poise in your personal and professional life and face all situations with elegance.

Discover how your posture influences your life

Catherine Habasque is a world-class Principal Dancer, choreographer and  director. She studied Ballet and Literature in Paris (where she was born) and is now based in Basel, Switzerland. Catherine has worked with internationally renowned choreographers and has danced major works worldwide.

In 2007, she was nominated ‘Best Dancer of the Year’ in the German Critic’s Choice. As a Principal Dancer with the Compañia Nacional de Danza (Direction Nacho Duato), as well as  with the Béjart Ballet (Direction Maurice Béjart), she danced on the greatest stages — Opéra de Paris, Lincoln Center New York, Bellas Artes Mexico, Staatsoper Berlin, Teatro Real Madrid, Théâtre de la Fenice, Bunkai Kaikan Tokyo, among others.

In 2015, she founded DFW – Dancers For the World, a dance company with atypical multidisciplinary and immersive performances and a humanitarian organisation working in crisis regions on resilience through movement.

She is the initiator and director of the platform DFW & Guests


WEEK 1 | Upper body

WEEK 2 (Extract)| Your Back

01 ------ 20mn

Magnify your day


WEEK 1 | Upper body

WEEK 2| Your Back

WEEK 3|Legs & Posture

WEEK 4|Your Center

WEEK 5|Stretching

WEEK 6|Healthy Hips

WEEK7|Deep Abdominals

WEEK 3| Legs&Posture

WEEK 4| Your Center

WEEK 5| Stretching

01 ------ 20mn

Magnify your day

WEEK 6| For Healthy Hips

WEEK 7| Deep Abdominals

This fit pain free you...

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Since 2015, DFW has been producing  Multidisciplinary & Immersive Performances, creating Magical Worlds with international artists
and supporting young underprivileged talents.

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