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The Power of Elegance

The Power
of Elegance

By Catherine Habasque


Personal Charisma, Back Pain Relief and How To Upgrade Your Life


Unique Advices & Secrets of a Ballet Principal Dancer


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The 7 Secrets To Back Pain Relief & Elegance You Want To Learn - Exclusively - From A French Ballet Dancer

“I want to share with you the transformative power of elegance, posture, and articulation. As a Principal Dancer, I have personally experienced the incredible impact that these elements can have on our bodies, minds, and lives.

In 2007, while still touring the world as a Principal Dancer, I faced a life changing challenge. I found myself in a situation where a back issue made even the simplest movements seem impossible, walking, sitting, even sleeping… Medical professionals advised me to stop dancing, but I chose a different path – one of resilience and perseverance. Today, I am still dancing, and if you visit me on social media @catherine_habasque or on my website,  you will witness how much articulating my back has become an integral part of my personal style as a dancer.

What I aim to teach you is the culmination of years of research on my own body. It is a method that encompasses the most effective moves for achieving a healthy, pain-free, and sculpted physique. With me, you will not only learn how to create space within your body and address any back or posture concerns, but also gain a profound sense of control over your emotions. Elegance of movement is more than just physical grace; it cultivates an elevated state of mind. By integrating elegance into your daily life, you will experience a profound shift in your thoughts, your mood, and your reactions to life’s challenges.” Catherine Habasque

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Erase Your Back Pain & Strengthen Your Full Body

Imagine a life without constant discomfort, restricted movement, and missed opportunities. 

Say goodbye to the days of avoiding activities you love, missing out on memorable moments with loved ones, and feeling held back in your personal and professional pursuits. Through targeted exercises and solutions, you can reclaim control over your body, alleviate pain, and restore your freedom to fully engage in life.


Enjoy A New Flexibility & Elegance

Discover the harmony of movement and the flexibility that comes from an articulated body and enjoy a freedom you never felt before, supported by long and strong muscles.

Day by day, the effects of the exercises compound, and one day you will see in the eyes of your partner, children, or friends that something changed in you. 


Enhance Your Presence

and change the way people look at you and react to you… Presence is not only important on stage, but in any challenging situation in our daily life.

Think of those iconic actresses and actors from the 50s, their timeless class, and the lasting impression they left in your mind after each movie. Now, imagine embodying that elegance and leaving it behind you like a perfume one doesn’t forget… 

Learning to present yourself confidently and elegantly will open the doors you wish to cross.


Improve the Quality of Your Life

by learning the dancers secrets that will solve your back pain, make you fit, but also give you the confidence to carry yourself with poise in your private and professional life and face all situations with elegance 

Movement not only enhances your quality of life, but also revolutionizes your perception of yourself and your future.

Experience a Limitless & Fulfilling Lifestyle Elevate Your Presence & Influence, and Embrace Emotional Control and Confidence

Catherine Habasque is a world-class Principal Dancer, choreographer, producer & Gyrotonic Certified Instructor. She studied Ballet and Literature in Paris (where she was born) and is now based in Basel, Switzerland. Catherine has worked with internationally renowned choreographers and has danced major works worldwide.

In 2007, she was nominated ‘Best Dancer of the Year’ in the German Critic’s Choice. As a Principal Dancer with the Compañia Nacional de Danza (Direction Nacho Duato), as well as  with the Béjart Ballet (Direction Maurice Béjart), she danced on the greatest stages — Opéra de Paris, Lincoln Center New York, Bellas Artes Mexico, Staatsoper Berlin, Teatro Real Madrid, Théâtre de la Fenice, Bunkai Kaikan Tokyo, among others.

In 2015, she founded DFW – Dancers For the World, a dance company with atypical multidisciplinary and immersive performances and a humanitarian organisation working in crisis regions on resilience through movement.

She is the initiator and director of the platform DFW & Guests

“Absolutely fantastic – Catherine is amazing and I always feel incredible after a session. I highly recommend.” Belinda Holdsworth – Director Global Operations Strategy at Roche

“I highly recommend Catherine …. she is a great personal trainer.” Jacqueline McMenamin – Team dynamics & Transformative Change Management at Roche

“Catherine has a wealth of subtle knowledge about the body. Highly recommend.” Olivia Streater Lavizzari – Human Rights Advocate & Lawyer | Dance Movement Psychotherapist

“(…) The most stunning success though was the strengthening of the pelvic floor – in a way which prevented a second operation. Obviously the training strengthened muscles which had not been reached by all the other techniques.” P.Z.

The Weeks below are written as an example of the rhythm you can follow. You can adapt the rhythm to your life style and obligations.


WEEK 1 | Upper body

WEEK 2 (Extract)| Your Back

01 ------ 20mn

Magnify your day


WEEK 1 | Upper body

WEEK 2| Your Back

WEEK 3|Legs & Posture

WEEK 4|Your Center

WEEK 5|Stretching

WEEK 6|Healthy Hips

WEEK7|Deep Abdominals

WEEK 3| Legs&Posture

WEEK 4| Your Center

WEEK 5| Stretching

01 ------ 20mn

Magnify your day

WEEK 6| For Healthy Hips

WEEK 7| Deep Abdominals

This fit pain free you...


    • What is elegance, and how does the course answer this question?
      • The Course Offers Insights and Practical Techniques on Elegance, Providing a Unique Perspective on This Often Overlooked Aspect of Success.
      • It helps you embrace Elegance as a Path to an Elevated State of Mind and Emotional Control, Supported by Physical Exercises to Cultivate Poise and Confidence.
      • You Will Learn How to Embody Elegance in Your Daily Life Supported by Physical Exercises to Enhance Body Posture and Movement.
      • You Will Discover the Secrets of Dancers to Make Lasting Impressions, Utilizing Physical Exercises for a Sculpted Physique and Graceful Presence and Reflecting Elegance in Personal and Professional Settings.
      • You Will Learn How to Create Space Within the Body, Address Posture Concerns, and Enhance Movement Fluidity,  Allowing You to Wear Any Outfits with Confidence and Grace.
      • You Will Utilize Mental Visualization Techniques, Such as Imagining a “Golden Thread” Pulling You Upwards, Aiding in Posture Improvement and Emulating The Graceful Figures You Admire.
      • You Will Explore the Benefits of Slowing Down Movements to Observe Details and Release Unnecessary Tensions, Taking Inspiration from the Elegance Often Associated with French Women.
      • Incorporating The Right Movement in Your Daily Actions, Such as Sitting, Standing, and Walking, Will Make Elegance a Part of Your Lifestyle.
      • You Will Understand How Elegance Extends Beyond Physical Well-Being, Helping You Cultivate an Elevated State of Mind, Enhancing Your Presence, and Enabling You to Tackle Life’s Challenges with Grace.
      • You Will Utilize Slowing Down Movements, and Using Proper Articulation of Joints as Tricks to Enhance Your Elegance and Body Language, Complemented by Physical Exercises to Strengthen Core Muscles, Will be taught in the Course.
      • You Will Discover the Benefits of Stretching Techniques to Release Tensions and Enable Your Body to Breathe and Move Freely, Adding to Your Overall Elegance and Poise.
      • You Will Draw Inspiration from the Aesthetic of Ballet Dancers, Emphasizing Fluidity and Artistry in Movement, Elevating Elegance Beyond Superficial Bling, Supported by Physical Exercises for Graceful Articulation.
      • You Will Discover How the Course Integrates Elegance Into Your Daily Life, Recognizing That True Elegance is a Deeper Expression of Personal Style and Artistry.
      • What is back pain often due to?Course Benefit: The course provides insights into the common causes of back pain and offers effective techniques to address them, helping you understand the root causes and work towards lasting relief. Why do I have back pain without injury?Course Benefit: Through expert instruction, you will learn that back pain can result from various factors beyond physical injury. The course teaches you how to improve posture, core strength, and body alignment to alleviate pain even without a specific injury. Why do I have back pain for weeks – months – for no reason?Course Benefit: The course takes a comprehensive approach to back pain relief, addressing both physical and emotional aspects. By incorporating elegance and emotional control techniques, you can identify and release tension that may be causing prolonged back pain. Should I see a chiropractor or do a massage for back and shoulders pain?
      • Course Benefit: While chiropractic or massage therapy may provide temporary relief, the course offers a lasting solution by providing you with practical exercises and techniques to strengthen your back and shoulders, promoting long-term relief and well-being.
      • What type of exercises can I do against neck and shoulders pain?
      • Course Benefit: The course focuses on developing a strong, flexible, and pain-free back, which indirectly helps alleviate neck and shoulders pain. You’ll learn specific exercises that target the whole body to promote overall posture improvement.
      • How do I get neck and shoulders pain relief?Course Benefit: The course emphasizes the importance of core strength, posture improvement, and conscious use of the floor for alignment. These techniques contribute to neck and shoulders pain relief by creating space within the body and releasing unnecessary tension

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